August 2023 Update - Special Edition

We’re all human – we all make mistakes. 

I failed to introduce a new MSIA member in the August Update and apologize to them and to you for that error. Please join me in welcoming Ventiv Technology as a new member of the MSIA. I also failed to attach the Proxy for quorum purposes only statement for the Business and Annual Meeting. Finally – I have included information on the next MSIA Webinar set for September 7 sponsored by Turner Vocational Resources and The Preferred Medical. 

Welcome New MSIA Member – Ventiv Technology! 

With over 45 years’ experience in the risk, insurance and underwriting technology business, we partner with more than 450 organizations around the world. Our goal is to transform the way our clients manage their risk and insurance information. As a result, the eliminate data silos, they reduce administrative burdens while uncovering hidden insights to enable optimal business outcomes. 

For our risk management clients, we help them lower their total cost of risk, reduce claims frequency, and create clear connections between risks and business outcomes. For our claims administration clients, we help them maximize efficiencies with analytics and rule-based workflows that result in consistent claims handling and lower costs. For our underwriting clients, we help them manage the entire policy lifecycle while delivering timely information to executives, underwriters, and agents. Ventiv understands workers' comp and commercial lines on the most foundational levels of administration, management, and analytics, making a more impactful and understandable conversation from a solutioning standpoint. Learn more about what Ventiv Technology can do for you. 


For more information contact Jim Vandanacker at or 206-819-9194.

MSIA Business & Annual Meeting – Quorum Proxy Statement attached

The MSIA Business & Annual Meeting is sponsored by Browning, Kaleczyc, Berry & Hoven and Definiti Comp Solutions/Definiti Rx. We will provide members with the materials for our meeting at least a couple of weeks prior to the meeting. If you cannot join us for the meeting, please provide us with your proxy for quorum purposes - - and to the extent you want to voice an opinion and vote on one of our issues, I will be happy to follow your direction and identify your positions at the meeting on your behalf. Of course, you can ask someone else to do that if you prefer. If you cannot attend, we need your proxy to conduct our business. 

MSIA Webinar – September 7 @ 10a MST 

Opioid Sparing Options in Total Joint Replacement – presented by Dr. Stan Dysart, Pacira Biosciences

  • Sponsored by Turner Vocational Resources and The Preferred Medical

Our next MSIA Webinar is set for September 7, starting at 10a MST. ‘Opioid Sparing Options in Total Joint Replacement’ presented by Dr. Stan Dysart of Pacira Biosciences. This Webinar is sponsored by Turner Vocational Resources and The Preferred Medical. Please note, there are no CE credits available for this webinar. 

Overreliance on opioids in the postsurgical setting has set off a cascade of negative consequences, ranging from potentially severe adverse events to the risk of long-term use, misuse, and addiction. We all know about those issues – and many of us have paid waaaaay too many claims, for waaaaay too many prescriptions, for waaaaay too long. Opioids have a place in pain treatment but can have significant side effects. Is there a better approach than simply relying on opioids to address pain?

Join us September 7, starting at 10a MST to hear from Dr. Stan Dysart, board certified orthopaedic surgeon who completed his orthopaedic training at Walter Reed National Medical Center in Washington, DC followed by a fellowship in Adult Reconstructive Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School. He introduced the concept of multimodal treatment of pain and rapid recovery of total joint arthroplasty when he was Medical Director and Director of Adult Reconstruction at Wellstar Kennestone Regional Medical Center. He is currently the VP of Medical Affairs, Orthopaedics for Pacira Biosciences. His personal interest in the field includes advancing the concepts of effective pain, opioid free surgery and rapid recovery. While in private practice he was a coauthor of the Pillar trial which demonstrated the efficacy of EXPAREL as a valuable opioid sparing adjunct to total knee arthroplasty and has a strong interest in opioid free surgery and modalities that interface with this concept including cryoanalgesia. 

We will review:


  • The current state of opioids
  • WC and Employer Specific Issues
  • Opioid side-effects and the impact of opioid dependent analgesia
  • The Rise in Opioid Dependency Drugs
  • Opioid alternatives for Joint Pain, Surgical and Non-Surgical and 
  • Opioid Sparing Options in Total Joint Replacements

As always, MSIA members have access to an unlimited number of seats for the Webinar (employees only, please) and advance registration is required. Registration closes September 6. The website update and sign up will be available within a week. Non member seats are $25 each with multiple seat discounts available.

Contact Peter Strauss at or 406-431-7220 to reserve your seats.


This Webinar, ‘Opioid Sparing Options in Total Joint Replacements’ presented by Dr. Stan Dysart on September 7 at 10a MST is sponsored by:

                                                                                           or 888.586.4650

Thanks guys! See you (virtually) for the September 7 Webinar and in Bozeman for the MSIA Business & Annual Meeting and the Governors’ Conference!