Montana Self Insurers’ Association

Working to Make Montana’s Economy and
Workers’ Compensation System Work Better.

Montana Self Insurers’ Association

Who We Are

We are some of Montana’s largest employers and employer groups. We are also professionals who work with those employers to provide medical and rehabilitation services, claims management expertise, and legal advice. We are your supermarkets, we are construction and mining companies, we are your hospitals and other health care providers, we are your schools and, in some instances, we are your cities, towns, or counties. Montana self-insured organizations employ over 108,000 people in Montana.

Where We Stand


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Why We Are Here

Having that vested interest in making sure our employee receives prompt and appropriate medical treatment returns to their family and life as quickly as possible, means we have that much more of an interest in how effectively and efficiently the Montana workers’ compensation system operates. Unnecessary bureaucracy, needless waste and delays serve no one – least of all our injured employee or their family. Needles waste, fraud and abuse cost you and cost us money – and do not help our injured employee.